RACECAR Tutorial [ICRA '19]


May 24, 2019 Montreal, Canada


Course Material:

Course Link
RACECAR Software Stack [code]
MIT Freshman Robotics Course (Fall’18) [code] *
MIT Junior/senior Robotics Course (Spring’18) [code] *

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Student-Made Videos:

Course Link
Independent Activities Period (Winter’18) [video]
Beaver Works Summer Institute (Summer’17) [video]

High School Outreach Competitions:

Course Link
Beaver Works Summer Institute (Summer’18) [video]
Beaver Works Summer Institute (Summer’17) [video]
Date Source Link
9/5/18 Medium [article]
8/24/18 WCVB Channel 5 Boston [video]
9/22/17 NVIDIA Blog [article]
10/7/15 NVIDIA Blog [article]
5/6/15 ROS News [article]

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