The MIT RACECAR is a state of the art research platform for testing autonomous vehicle algorithms. Many people have been involved with the development of the platform, from hardware to software. This page represents some of the key contributers to the RACECAR platform.


Sertac Karaman
Professor (MIT)

Jonathan How
Professor (MIT)

Jane Conner
Communications Instructor (MIT)

Ken Gregson
Technical Instructor (MIT Lincoln Lab)

Michael Boulet
Technical Instructor (MIT Lincoln Lab)

Researchers and Designers

Owen Guldner
Hardware Designer (MIT Lincoln Lab)

Abhishek Agarwal
Researcher and Graduate Student Instructor (MIT)

Winter Guerra
Researcher and Student Instructor (MIT)

Not pictured: Fanchang Ma, Banti Gheneti, Mubarik Mohamoud, Brian Plancher, and Corey Walsh
Researchers and Student Instructors (MIT)


IAP Hackathon

IAP Hackathon

6.141/16.405 Spring 2016

BWSI Summer 2016